-A New Mexican Eatery-Detroit’s Margarita Bar

Our team is bringing a different way to eat Mexican food. We are putting a twist to the comfort Mexican food you are already used to, but you can get it served three different ways: In a Torta, in a Burrito or Al La Carte.

Oh, did we mention we have over 20 different Margaritas? Our place is small, but the atmosphere is huge. Everything inside was custom built from tables to our Peso Bar that took over 8000 pesos to create. Its an experience you will have to see for yourself, see you soon at 18th and Bagley!

On the weekends we plan to offer traditional Mexican soups paired with some delicious Michelada’s. We want to change the way you eat traditional Mexican food.

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Peso & Southwest

We are a group of guys from Southwest and wanted to bring something to our neighborhood that we do not currently have. We want to bring some new life and flavor to the north side of Bagley.

We plan to to use locally sourced food and spices, our goal is to rotate our menus based on each season.  With the Michigan crops and the Southwest traditions, Peso plans to bring a variety of options for all taste buds.

peso bar, frida kahlo

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